Is There a North-South Divide in England’s Schools?

According to the watchdog’s annual report on education in the UK, about a third of the secondary schools in the nation’s North are “not good enough”.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the OFSTED chief said to the press that more attention must be focused on those regions where¬† as he called it “too many schools are languishing in mediocrity”.

Nicky Morgan, the U.K.’s education secretary that dad more needs to be done in order to tackle pockets of underperformance.

According to the chief inspector of schools, there are schools in several cities the nation’s Norse and midlands that have “failed miserably year after year after year”.

16 weak local authorities had been examined where pupils have below average progress – 13 of those schools are located in the North and midlands.

In addition to those locations which include the city’s of Derbyshire, Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent and Bradford among others, attention also needs to be paid to schools in coastal areas.